About Me

My name is Nick, and I love freshly graded cheese on everything I eat. I also have a gigantic head - so big that it wouldn't fit in the photo above.

I'm a self-taught web code junkie, with a passion for making sites for highly targeted, niche markets. I enjoy writing off the wall stories just for the fun of making myself, and others giggle. In that same context, I get a kick out of combining digital items in Photoshop for comedic outcomes as well.

As you may suspect from the "Meet The Team" section below, I'm a team of one. My interaction with you as a client, is one of total focus, with maximum attention to any details we discuss. For more information about the services I can provide, and a portfolio of my past and present work, select the appropriate link in the menu.

Meet The Team

Nick Norris

Web Developer

Nick Norris

Wordpress Expert

Nick Norris


Nick Norris

Creative Writer

Nick Norris

Photoshop Guru


The most important member